mercoledì 18 agosto 2010

Flat in Cambridge - parte prima: la proposta

Musica - dick dale and his del tones - miserlou (ascolta)
Foto - ciaran bain - camera da letto del potenziale appartamento

Pare che ci sia della gente che per passatempo falsifica documenti e frega soldi depositati alla Wester Union. Una di queste persone ha provato ad affittarmi un appartamento fittizio per andarsene coi soldi della caparra e abbiamo pensato che sarebbe sia divertente che utile riportare in questo blog i punti salienti della truffa. A cominciare dalla sua risposta al mio appartamento-in-affitto-cercasi. Buona lettura.

From: Ciaran Bain
To: MP
How are you doing? Hope you're still searching for a one bedroom flat to rent in Hills Rd,Cambridge. i have one which is fully furnished and the monthly rent is £500 incl. bills.
Let me know if you're interested.

From: MP

To: Ciaran Bain

Dear Ciaran,
I am still searching for the flat. Do you have any more informations such as how many squere meters it is, position in Cambridge..and maybe some pictures?
Thanks a lot,

From: Ciaran Bain
To: MP

How are you doing?Thanks for your interest and I'll like to tell you more about the property.
It is located in Gonville Place, Cambridge CB1 1LY
Amenities include. Central Heating,Desk,Good wireless internet Connection,Gas hob,Washing machine,Dishwasher,Microwave Oven,Television with Built-in DVD Player,Garden and Parking space.
A security refundable deposit of £400.However,The deposit will be refund back to you two days before your tenancy expires.
The property is available for both short and long term contract.
I lost my phone at a friend party some few days ago so i won't be able to call or receive calls for now but i would let you know once i get another one soon and I believe,we can have a better conversation on mail to mail which i believe it will be more understandable for both of us to get each other right.
I am new to this and you will be my first tenant if things work out between us.I am renting this out because of my new Job in Edinburgh However i am a contractor, currently supervising the building construction of an hotel in Newcastle,I am looking for someone that will help me take good care of the place like is own.someone that will make the place clean and tidy.Let me know if you are still interested so that we can proceed.
Find the attach picture of the property and let me know what you think.
Hope to hear from you soon

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